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Terms of Service

1. Before buying from us, check if your server is banned,
2. 2. Carefully complete the table 'IP: PORT', because after adding, the information can not be modified anymore!!
From the moment you pay the boost you agree with the regulations!
No refound is offered, from the moment you paid our system automatically adds the server to the list!
We reserve the right to delete / ban any ip / server that we believe violates the terms of use,
We reserve the right to change or change the rules below without prior notice.

You may not use these commands regardless of the messages sent (SVC_STUFFTEXT / SVC_DIRECTOR / MSGID_COMMAND)
(Motd_write, bind, motdfile, motd_write, viewdemo, scr_connectmsg, load, scr_connectmsg1, scr_connectmsg2, connect, playdemo)

1. You may not use SVC_DIRECTOR in any way
2. The SVC_STUFFTEXT message is allowed in addition to its use with the above messages (motd_write, bind, mo ... etc.)
3. Generic precache_ is not allowed in the following extensions: '.DLL' '.cfg' '.rc' '.ini' '.gam'
4. Boosting redirects is not allowed and will lead to permanent banning, without returning the amount paid!
5. After the boost payment, the ip cannot be changed anymore!
6. The servers that rename players with the name 'CSBOOST.ORG' will be banned!

It is forbidden to use the following plugins, scripts, etc.
- UPLOAD * asi, vbs, dll, exe, bat, rc, cfg, ini, gam, etc.
- CHANGE * Gamemenu, Config binder, Autoconnect, MasterServer,
- USE * Destroy (pika, exterminate, etc), High ping kicker, xRedirect (or any other redirect plugin)