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1. We suggest you delete motd.txt located in the / cstrike directory, because of this many non-steam players are getting connected.
2. We suggest reducing the resources that are downloaded from the server (as much as possible), because many players cancel, do not wait to download the resources!
3. We suggest using the pingfaker ping-hiding plugin because many players will have a lot longer to play!

4. Do not use the following plugins on the server
Who connects or disconnects (crowds the server and causes bugs), keep the number of messages in chat and hud to a minimum,
In the maps directory, delete the '.res' files corresponding to the classic maps (de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke, fy_snow, de_dust2x2, etc.)
For classic maps only, '.res' files are not deleted on zombie maps, gungams or other modes!

5. In dproto.cfg (can be found either directly on the server or in the cstrike directory) modify the following fou
FakePlayers_AntiReconnect instead of 1 set it to 0
FakePlayers_BanTime instead of 120 to set it to -1

6. If players are not logged on to the server after boosting it, add the following quads in server.cfg
max_queries_sec_global 0
max_queries_sec 0
sv_enableoldqueries 1
mp_autokick 0

The Counter-Strike 1.6 game has been destroyed following the updates of the last years and there are so many bugs now on addons, that's why we suggest you keep it as simple as possible without unnecessary plugins and resources on it.